Ross Pennell - Dishonest stay away from him!!!

Pretoria, Gauteng 2 comments

Ross Penell is a liar and is dishonest, i would not go to him for any financial advice, or any advice for that matter the man is a complete and utter bull%$&^$!He also asked someone i know to do fraudulent activities, which this person refused to do, Rosses bicycle was stolen from hes unlocked garage he then asked someone to break the garage door and "open" lock to cause forced entry, in order for him to obtain the benefits from the claim.

The insurance company has not done anything as yet, and there name will be shouted out soon!He is a complete and utter liar!

Review about: Dishonest Practice.


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #1224636

Dear Anonymous,

From your review it is clear you are not and never have been a client (or consumer) of mine. I have neither rendered financial services nor given financial advice to you.

The spurious allegations you make in your anonymous review are baseless and defamatory, hence I have requested it be removed by the Pissed Consumer administrators.


Ross Pennell


Cheat and a liar.How do you when Penell is lying?

- His mouth is open.

Ross never lets the truth get in the way of Ross.

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